Aqua-Cultured is not just a lifestyle, it's what you are. You are a product of the environment you were brought up in. So if water, salt or fresh, has cultured the individual you have become today, you are Aqua-Cultured, and have been refined by water!

The Story

Aqua-Cultured was developed by Butch Ringelspaugh in 2015. Butch's background is in the field of marine science, studying endangered species of coral, and managing public aquariums. His specialty was growing coral in aquariums, aka coral aquaculture . Butch's life shifted a bit,  and he found himself in a sales role for a large company in the aquarium industry. His heart has remained in marine science and environmental conservation, and he wanted to find a way to contribute to his passion somehow. That's when the Aqua-Cultured brand came to light. The idea was to create and sell Aqua-Cultured apparel, and donate a portion of the sales to ongoing aquaculture research and conservation programs. So even though he cannot contribute through his own research efforts, he can assist talented scientists and conservationists monetarily in order to secure a sustainable blue earth for future generations to come. So, for every purchase that is made, we will donate $1 to one of the featured aquaculture programs listed on the "Featured Aquaculture Programs" page.